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    Alternative Discography 1
The B-Side Collection
  ((*)   Can You Forgive Her (Ton Up Crew), Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend (Indictment Mix), So Hard (Coarse Textures Mix), Suburbia (Dub Mix), Opportunities (Prime Cuts), Paninaro (House Mix), How Can- You Expect To Be Taken Seriously. (Def Mix), Miserabalism (Hot Tracks), Left To My Own Devices (Razormaid), Always - On My Mind (Razormaid)  
    Alternative Discography 2
The B-Side Collection
You Know Where You Went Wrong, We All Feel Better In The Dark, Violence, Losing My Mind, I Want To Wake Up, Decadence, Music For Boys Pt3, Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend, I Want A Dog, One Of The Crowd, Can You Forgive Her, If Love Were All, Shameless, This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave, Too Many People.

    Aurally I   (*)  
Opportunities (dance mix), West End Girls (dance mix), A Man Could Get Arrested (7" Mix), Love Comes Quickly (dance mix), Paninaro (Ian Levine Mix), What Have Done To Deserves - This? (Shep Pettibone Remix), Always On My Mind (UK Remix), Heart (Dub Mix), Don Juan (Demo - Version), Domino Dancing (Demo Version), Left To My Own Devices (Device Mix).

    Aurally 2   (*)  
West End Girls (10" Version), Suburbia (Club Vocal), It's A Sin (Miami Mix), You Know Where You Went Wrong (Rough Mix), Always On My Mind (Remix), Domino Dancing (Base Mix), Left To My Own Devices (Frankie Knuckles Royal Piano Mix), It's Aright (Julian Mendelsohn 10" Mix), I Want To Wake Up (Johnny Marr Groove Mix), Go West (Unauthorised Bootleg Version 1), Liberation (Deep Vocal Mix)

    Bilingual Remixes   (*)   Discoteca + Single (echochamber mix) ["Discotheca"] ,Metamorphosis (superfly mix) ,Electricity (jungle mix) ,Se A Vida E (That's The Way Life Is) (enterprise mix) ,It Always Comes As A Surprise (teatime mellow mix) ,A Red Letter Day (sing and pray mix) ,Up Against It (orbital mix) ,Before (nice & easy mix) ,To Step Aside (dream mix) ,I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (wild pitch mix) ["pitchers mix"] ,Yesterday, When I Was Mad (jam & spoon mix) ["needle & pin mix"]
    Electro-Boys   (*)  
Before (St Tropex Mix '98), One Thing Leads To Another (Grandmaster Mix '98), The Man Who Has Everything (Hypnotizer-RMX), Forever In Love (Tribal Mix), We Came From Outer Space (Space Mix '98), KDX 125 (Vangelis Mix) , My Head Is Spinning (Electro Set Mix), Decadence (Unity-Mix '98), Bonus: Go West (F&H Mix)
The Extended Versions
Shameless (9 minutes of fame extended mix), Hey, Headmaster (Funkified extended mix), Do I Have To? (Melancholy extended mix), Two Divided By Zero (Syntax error extended mix), A Different Point Of View (Opinionated loop extended mix), Tonight Is Forever (Amplified extended mix), A New Life (Reincarnated extended mix) , Forever In Love (Eternal extended mix), 09. My October Symphony (Long & trippy extended mix) , The View From Your Balcony (Scenic vista extended mix), BONUS TRACK: Saturday Night Forever (Love to Infinity radio edit remix).


  (*)   Violence (Funk Fx extended mix), Metamorphosis (Coming Out extended mix), Euroboy (Wait for the harcore rhythm mix), Iwant to wake up (1998 Epic Adventure), It Always comes as a surprise (subtle version, We all feel better in the Darrk (Sexual version), One in a million (10 to the 6th power mix), Miserablism W.YS.I.W.YS extended mix), One Thing leads to another (Extended mix), The end of the Word (2 late version)  

Elusive 2CD

  CD1   Before (Underground Instrumental), Se A Vida É (Mark Picchiotti's Shelter Deep & Dark Instrumental), Single-Bilingual (Original Baby Doc Mix), A Red Letter Day (Basement Jaxx Nite Dub), The Boy Who Couldn´t Keep His Clothes On (Faraway Dub), To Step Aside (Ralphi´s House Vox 2), Somewhere (Forthright Extended Dub), Music For Boys (Chris Lowe Remix), Can You Forgive Her? (MK Edit), Before (Extended Edit)  
        CD2   To Step Aside (Hasbrouck Heights mix), Before (Love to infinity edit), The boy who couldný keep his clothes on (On Stage @Twilo), How can you expect to be taken seriusly? (perfect mood mix), A Red letter day (Motiv 8 cyber dub mix), Can you forgive her? (Rollo dub edit),Go West (Unathorized Bootleg Dub 2), So Hard (9'' Edit), To Step Aside (Davidson Ospina Dub), The boy who couldný keep his clothes on (Banji Girlfriend Beats), Bonus Track: I Belive (PSB a dueto con Elton John)  
    For Boys Vol 1    
Dj culture (Remixed by The Grid), This must be the place (Extended mix), So hard (Eclipse Mix David Morales), Where the streets have no name (Sound factory), What have I done to deserve this (Extended Mix), How can you Expect (Momo Remix), It must be Obvious (Ufo Mix), West end girls (Original version), Opportunites (Latina Version), So hard ( The klf Vs pets), Young Offender (Remixed No2, Jam And Spoon).

    For Boys Vol 2   (*)  
On-Usound (The Menagerie Mixes Mega Mix), On-Usound (Petshoppibone Mega Mix), Where The Streets - Have No Name (Eclipse Mix), How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously (Ragga Zone Remix), On-Usound (The - Classic Mega Mix), What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Disco Mix), Opportunities (Reprise, Remix by Sheppettibone)

    For Boys Vol 3   (*)  
Yesterday When i was mad, Losing my mind/ before/ where the streets have no name (Extended mix), What have i dont to deserve this (Disoc mix), West end Girls (Original Version), Being boring, Domino dancing, Always on my mind




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