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    Nightmixes Vol 1   (*)   For Your Own Good (Dance Dummy's Extended Mix), Closer To heaven (Dance Dummy's Dinner in Haeven Mix), I Don't know what you...(Morales Club Mix), Drunk (Hitmakers Brazil Extended Mix), Vampires (Full Horror Mix), In Denial (Aries Club Mix), New York City Boy (Techno Mix), Nightlife Club Megamix Part 1, Drunk (Brillant Remix), I Don't know what you...(Peter Rauhofer Roxy Mixshow Anthem)
    Nightmixes Vol 2   (*)   Radiophonic (T.Rexx Radiophonics Mix), Closer Ti Heaven (Extended), Drunk (The T.Rexx vs Dance Dummy Trance mix), Vampires (T.Rexx Midnight Hour Mix), A Positive Role Model (Blade Remix), Radiophonic (Wallace Mix), Drunk (Eventually Drunk Club Mix), Closer to Heaven (Slow Version), Break for love (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix), Drunk (Brillant PSB Guitar Mix)  
    Nightmixes Vol 3
Closer To Heaven
2CD Set
  (*)   Disco 1
Vampires (Pre Release) For All of Us (Ghetto Mix), K-Hole, For Your Own Good (SK Club Dub Mix), Hedonism (SK Re-Denial Mix) Break 4 Love (SK Non Mix), Positive Rol Model (SK Remix), For All of Us (Studio Version), Closer To Heaven (SK Megamix 1), Nightmegamix Part 1 (Night of Moon Mix), Megamix (Best of PSB career 12'' Mix)
            Disco 2
In Denial (Demo Version Part 2), Call Me Old-Fashioned (Demo Version), Closer To Heaven (SK Musical Rebass), Drunk (Brother Brown's Newt Mix), Break 4 love (Lil Steven's West End Vocal Remix), Radiophonic (SK NRM Remix), I Don't know what you... (Peter Rouhofer Roxy Dub), In Denial (SK Remix), My Night (Full Length Musical Mix), Lies (Sensaul Deviant Mix), Drunk (Brother Brown's Newt Mix Radio Edit)

The Remix Collection of the Pet Shop Boys

  (*)   It's A Sin (Ian Levine remix), Always on my Mind (Extended Dance Version), So HArd (Extended Dance mix), Rent (Dub Mix), Heart (Dance mix), One More Chance (Bobbt Orlando remix), It's Alright (Julian Mendelsohn Mix), Two Divided by Zero, (Demo Version '84), Paninaro (Ian Levine Mix), West wnd Girls (remix '86 single version), What Have i Done to Desrve This? (Disco Mix), This Must Be The Place I Waited Yesra to Leave (Extended Mix)  

Ultra Hot Art Disc Four

  (*)   Opportunies Medley (Liz&Essex Mix), Losing my Mind (Outrospective Mix), Heart (English Hit Edit), The Boy Who Couldn't keep his clothes on (Machine mix), Always on my Mind (Bessie's House mix), Where the Streets have no name (Carr & Edge Mix), Before (Standsrd Disco Dub), Go West (3-d Rare Version), A Red Letter Day (June 19 1995), Paninaro (Miles child Mix), New York City Boy (Trans-Europa Mix)  


Asterisco (*) Mi coleccion / solo para información no en venta
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