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Encore! Best of Live

  (*)   Love comes quickly(Moscow), On in a Million/Mr Vain (Rio), Friendly fire (london), Opportunities (Moscow), King's Cross (Rio), Go West (London), Before (Moscow), Left to my own devices/rhythm of the night (Rio), I belive (UK televised duet w/Elton John), Where the streets have no name (Moscow), To step a side (London), Suburbia (Rio-acoustic version), Hallo Spaceboy (Moscow, It's a sin/ i will survive (London), Alway on my mind (Moscow), Paninaro (Rio)  

Russia Tour 1998

    Disco 1
Somewhere (orchestral beginning)/It's a sin/I will survive, I woudln't normally do this kind of thing, Se a vida é,Domino dancing, Hallo spaceboy, Before, Left to my own devices, The man who has everything, Rent, Where the streets have no name, Can you forgive her?, Love comes quickly, Opportunities, Always on my mind, West end girls
            Disco 2
Somewhere, Being boring, Go west,
Bonus Tracks: Rent (live with Suede), Saturday night (live with Suede), Liberation (deep vocal mix), Go west (unauthorized bootleg vocal mix), Paninaro (kicking house mix), How can you expect to be taken seriously? (David Morales def mix), Young offender (Jam & Spoon remix no.2), I want to wake up (Johnny Marr groove mix), It doesn't often snow at Christmas

Live In Atlanta, USA 1999


Disco 1
Intro, For Your Own Good, West End Girls, Discoteca, Being Boring ,Happiness Is An Option, Can You Forgive Her?, Only The Wind, What Have I Done To Deserve This?, New York City Boy, Left To My Own Devices

    2       Disco 2
Young Offender, Vampires, You Only Tell Me You Love Me, When Youīre Drunk, Se A Vida É, I Donīt Know What You Want But I Canīt Give It Anymore, Always On My Mind, Shameless, Opportunities (Letīs Make Lotīs Of Money), Itīs A Sin, Itīs Alright, Dialogue, Go West

Glastonbury Festival 2000

  (*)   Donīt Know What You Want But I Canīt Give It Anymore, Suburbia, Can You firgive her?, Left To My Own Devices, Se A Vida É (that's the way life is), Rent (Acoustic), You Only Tell Me You Love Me, When Youīre Drunk (Acoustic), Paninaro '95, Young Offender, New York city Boy, What Have I Done To Deserve This? feat Catatonia's, Positive Role Model, Always on my Mind, It's a sin/I will Survive, West wn Girls. Go West  

Asterisco (*) Mi coleccion / solo para información no en venta
Đ Armando Medina Z. 2002 - Lima- Perú